About ING

What Is ING?

The  International Network of Golf: “Where Media and the Golf  Industry Connect.”

ING is a non-­profit organization that has been networking the golf industry since

1990.  Membership is open to anyone from any segment of the golf  industry, and to

all media who cover the business of golf.

The object is to bring golf industry executives together with members of the golf

media to improve communication, introduce new products, services and

destinations, and to develop and nurture relationships.

Fees for members who join during the second half of the calendar year are pro-rated

so membership is valid through the following calendar year.
Click Here for Membership Form – Print, complete and return to ING.


$100  Individual Member Benefits Include:  

-­‐-­ Invitation to all ING Events

-­‐-­ Copy of, and inclusion in, the ING Membership Directory

-­‐-­ Subscription to ING E-­Newsletter

-­‐-­ One complimentary classified  ad

-­‐-­ Discounted entry into the Golf.Com World Am

-­‐-­ Eligibility to Razor Golf Pick Your Pro Fantasy Game

-­‐-­ ING Member2Member Discount Program

-­‐-­ Use of ClubING Hospitality Room at PGA Show

-­‐-­ Participation in ING Awards Programs


$600 Corporate Membership includes 6 individual memberships,and detailed company listing in ING Membership Directory; good through 2017.


$300  Media  Outlet  Membership includes 3 individual memberships, and detailed company listing in ING Membership Directory; good through 2017.


ING – International Network of Golf

556 Teton Street

Lake  Mary, FL 32746

Phone: 407-­‐328-­‐0500

Web:  www.inggolf.com

email:  mike@jamisongolf.com

Executive  Director: Mike Jamison

Membership  Director: Linda Jamison

Membership  Coordinator: Jennifer Dixon

President: John J. Glozek, Jr.

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ING Golf