Winners Announced In Thirteen Categories Of The 22nd Annual ING Media Awards

Winners in 13 categories were announced in the 22nd Annual ING Media Awards program at the PGA Merchandise Show.MA-GVS

A total of 41 First-Place and Outstanding Achiever awards were announced at the presentation press conference conducted in ClubING at the PGA Show. Total entries increased again for the fourth straight year.

The program was followed by a cocktail party honoring former ING President and golf wriyer Jack O’Leary, who passed away in October. Media Awards sponsors this year were Free Golf Forum Magazines, Bridgestone Golf, Zero Friction Golf and PGA Golf Exhibitions.

For the second straight year, the top TV show went to Chicago District Golfer TV and producer Dave Lockhart. For the second time in three years, John Patrick’s Augusta Golf Show was named the top radio show. The best publication went to The Pinehurst Pilot’s Open Daily, featuring final round coverage of the U.S. Open.

There were several multiple award winners (either First Place or Outstanding Achiever), including Gary Van Sickle, John Steinbreder, Kevin Kane, Tony Dear, Jeff Neuman, Ken MacLeod, Tony Leodora and Eric Hart.

MA-ETWinners and Outstanding Achievers are determined by an independent panel of three judges in each category.  Judges use a point system with several criteria. Determinations are made by judges when possible without knowledge of the person responsible for the work, or of the other judges in the category. The number of Outstanding Achievers in a category is determined by total entries and scoring range in the category.

Each category is coordinated by a category chairperson, who is responsible for securing the three judges. Media Awards Committee chair is Cody Law of Golf Mesquite Nevada.

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1st Place: Scott McPherson (“The Royal And Ancient Golf Clubs Of St. Andrews”)

Outstanding Achievers: Brian Crowell (“Idiot’s Guide To Golf”); EWGA (“Teeing Up For Success”); Blaine Newnham, Tom Cade (“AmeriMA-Bookca’s St. Andrews”).



1st Place: John Steinbreder, Global Golf Post (“The Saga Of Ferry Point”).

Outstanding Achievers: Tony Dear, (“A PGA Show Of Consequence”); Tony Leodora, Golf Styles Magazine (“Surviving And Thriving – How 3 Courses Stayed Ahead Of The Economy”).



1st Place: Gary Van Sickle, (“How To Lose A PGA Championship”)

Outstanding Achievers: Tony Dear, (“One For The Show, Two For The Money”); Mike Kern, Philadelphia Daily News (“Break Out Bubbaly”).



1st Place: Ed Travis, Golf Oklahoma (“Putters Through History”).

Outstanding Achiever: Bob Oliver, (“Golf’s Future Might Be Non-Conforming”).



1st Place: Kevin Kane, Virginia  Golf Report (“Formula For Success”).

Outstanding Achievers: Eric N. Hart, GolfGetaways Magazine (“Golfers And Sons”); Jay Mottola, The Met Golfer (“Looking To Golf’s Future”); Jeff Neuman, The Met Golfer (“Protecting Par? Not From Me”); Jon Rizzi, Colorado Avid Golfer (“Is This How We Roll?”).



1st Place: Joann Dost, The Pilot’s Open Daily (“Yes Wie Can!”).

Outstanding Achiever: Brian Oar, GolfGetaways Magazine (“Water Everywhere”).



1st Place: Gary Van Sickle, Memorial Tournament Magazine (“Matt Kuchar’s Golfing Journey”).

Outstanding Achievers: Kevin Kane, Virginia Golf Report (“Bring It On”); Ken MacLeod, Golf Oklahoma (“Friends”); Jeff Neuman, The Met Golfer (“Home Stretch”); Gary Van Sickle, Golf.Com (“Family Comes First For Steve Stricker”).



1st Place: The Pilot Open Daily: Wunderbar, June, 2014 (David Woronoff, Publisher)

Outstanding Achievers: Colorado Avid Golfer, Fall, 2014 (Jon Rizzi, Editor); Golf Getaways, September, 2014 (Vic Williams, Editor); Golf Oklahoma, April/May 2014 (Ken MacLeod, Publisher); The Met Golfer, August/September 2014 (Jeff Neuman, Editor).



1st Place: The Augusta Golf Show, With John Patrick, in 11 markets across the Southeast.

Outstanding Achievers: Back9Boys Golf Show, Rich Styles Host, Coastal ESPN; Golf Connections, with Mitch Laurance,



1st Place: Chuck Garbedian, ESPN Milwaukee (“Jamie Diaz Interview”).

Outstanding Achiever: Holly Geoghegan, The Golf Insiders, Clear Channel Orlando (“Damon Hack Interview”); Tony Leodora & Eddie Ciazzo, Golf Talk Live, Philadelphia (“Tom Fazio Interview”).



1st Place: Jeff Neuman, The Met Golfer (“Nebraska”).

Outstanding Achievers: Darin Bunch, GolfGetaways (“The Spirit Of The Game”); Eric N. Hart, GolfGetaways (“Branson’s Show And Tell”); Jeff Ritter, Golf Magazine (“The Mexican Golf Course That Survived The Drug War”); John Steinbreder, Global Golf Post (“Emerald Pilgrimage”).



1st Place: Dave Lockhart, Chicago District Golfer TV (“September Show”).



1st Place: Tony Leodora, Traveling Golfer Show (“Annie’s Revenge”).






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