Three more organizations have committed as exhibitors for the 27th Annual ING Spring Conference at the World Golf Village May 21-25.HOF 1

The ING Spring Conference is the annual gathering of golf media and industry executives, and is conducted by the non-profit, media-based International Network of Golf. Anyone in the golf industry or media is eligible to attend. Current pricing deadline is Friday, April 21.

Freedom Golf Association (FGA) is dedicated to bringing joy and a sense of freedom to the special needs community through their inclusion in the game of golf. FGA was founded in July, 2012 by Edmund (E.Q.) Sylvester. E.Q. is a director of the Western Golf Association (WGDSCN1077A), member of the United States Senior Golf Association (USSGA), and a triple amputee. FGA assists individuals with disabilities in many ways, including providing professionally run instructional clinics and golf events, and conducting Adaptive Golf training workshops to increase the number of qualified golf coaches to instruct individuals with special needs.

GelTees are the world’s only fully biodegradable golf tees, with a mission.  That mission is not only to lower the environmental impact of the game, but to help fund charitable organizations that improve lives through the game of golf. We’re changing commodity into community. Made from 100% pharmaceutical grade gelatin, GelTees biodegrade within days of being left in the elements. With more than 2.8 billion wooden tees made annually in the US alone, GelTees could prevent the destruction of 70,000 trees per year and keep more than 16DSCN106500 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

ShoeTips helps golfers calm their minds and concentrate on the one or two thoughts they want to remember as they prepare to swing-boosting their confidence and enjoyment, and lowering their scores. Before you play, select two swing thoughts you want to remember from the 18 provided. Insert the labels securely into the two base clips and slide the clips easily, and snugly, over your shoelaces. The reminders will be in full view on your shoes as you address the ball.

The ING Spring Conference will be a blend of timely educational workshops and panels, networking at its best featuring the One-On-One Appointment Show, product testing in the Demo Lab and golf competitions. Guest speakers include famed golf instructor Dave Pelz and World Golf Foundation CEO Steve Mona.