Several more companies and organizations have committed to attending the 29th Annual ING Spring Conference, set for May 19-23, 2019 at the SEVEN Sebring Raceway Hotel in Sebring, Florida.

Recently registered organizations that will be on hand to interact with golf writers, broadcasters, Social Media Influencers and industry leaders include:

Total Golf Trainer products provide real time feedback in all areas of your swing. It is like having a coach with you all the time. You can practice in your home, office or on the range and make swings that make a difference.

The StrikeAbsorber mat is designed to absorb the impact of a golf club strike when practicing golf shots requiring the taking of a divot. This practice mat has a patented designed inflatable bladder beneath the mat’s surface that is adjustable for your practice routine. Using a bicycle pump, the mat can be inflated or deflated to simulate real conditions on the course.

Other organizations that have recently committed include The Golf Wire, GolfWords, J2 Golf Marketing, Golf Central Magazine, Citywide Golf Solutions and Sports Business Network.

To register for the ING Conference, or to find out more about ING, visit, or call 407-474-0531.