In a recent vote by membership of the International Network of Golf, four vacancies were filled on the ING Advisory Board.

The ING Advisory Board serves as a consulting voice to the ING Executive Committee, which directs the management company that handles the day-to-day operations of ING. Advisory board members serve three-year terms.

The four people elected to the ING Advisory Board were:

Dominic Selfa, Golf Ball Fitting Manager, Bridgestone Golf – Dominic started in golf as a cart kid / range picker / caddy at the age of 15, and eventually gained experience in most golf course duties. He was hired by Bridgestone Golf at the age of 23 for a Golf Ball Fitting position and worked and traveled the entire west coast for 2 years.  He is now at the Bridgestone Golf Headquarters and is part of the Marketing department helping manage the Golf Ball Fitting program and licensed golf product.  He has worked for Bridgestone Golf for almost 5 years.

Pam Swensen, CEO, EWGA – Through Pam’s leadership, the EWGA is leveraging the power of its 14,000+ members and their $66 Million impact on the game to create new opportunities for existing members and welcome new ones. EWGA provides a community for women by offering affordable, organized golf, networking, travel and equipment discounts and a wide range of local and national events and benefits. Pam has served on the ING Advisory Board the past three years.

Joe Wieczorek, Owner, The Media Group – Joe is a Public Relations expert and the President/CEO of The Media Group, a creative services agency that began in 1996, working with a small group of clients, that has now become one of the most effective and highly sought after PR/Communications Firms in the golf industry.

Greg Wires, Publisher, Golf Minnesota – Greg has been publishing Golf Minnesota magazine since 1996, since 1997 and has developed mobile golf apps in 16 states, helping golfers find courses across America.  He has enthusiastically reported on all things golf and has been a guest on numerous golf radio programs. He has been a member of ING since 2003, and served as chair of the PLUS ONE membership program for two years.

They join six other current members of the ING Advisory Board: Dave Cordero, PR Manager, TaylorMade-adidas Golf; Jane Dally, Partner, On Course Solutions; Ron Garl, President, Ron Garl Golf Course Design; Holly Geoghegan, Host, The Golf Insiders Radio Show; Mike Kern, Golf Writer, Philadelphia Daily News; and Cody Law, Executive Director, Golf Mesquite Nevada.

The ING Executive Committee consists of President John Glozek, Co-Publisher, Golfing Magazine; George Baker, President of Razor Golf; Tiss Dahan of Ariat International; Tony Leodora of TL Golf Services and Andy Mears, Executive Director, Freedom Golf. The ING is managed by Jamison Golf Group, with Mike Jamison serving as Executive Director.