Golf training aids can be a lot like medications.

No matter what part of your body aches, there are a variety of pills you can swallow, or creams you rub or a braces to wear. The choices are often confusing.

Training aids are the same. Many golfers feel overwhelmed by the plethora of instructional tools that have flooded the market. Every day it becomes more and more difficult to make an intelligent decision on which product best serves you to flush the bad habits out of your swing and/or putting stroke.

“Now golfers can get on line and visit,” said site owner Dane Wiren. “We are able to provide a service telling exactly what specific training aids will and won’t do.”

For that reason, has been selected the latest ING Featured Member.

The service is not only a blessing for confused consumers. Golf instruct

“Not only is this a valuable tool for individual golfers, but for instructors as well. We are able to not only explain what a product does, but we can also tell you how successful the training aid has been,” said Wiren. is owned and operated by Golf Around the World, Inc. and is located in West Palm Beach FL.

The company was founded by PGA Master Professional Dr. Gary Wiren in 1984 as a resource for providing training aids to teaching and touring professionals. is an extension of the original company and has expanded and now offers the world’s largest selection of golf teaching and training aids.

The products cover the entire realm of the game of golf, from tee to green. You also have choices on building a fitness program suited for your game, books and CDS that will make you mentally sharper, and products that help make your practice sessions more productive.

See how confusing it can be? will help clear the picture.