Billy Horschel outplayed world No. 1 Rory McIlroy in a tense Sunday pairing, winning The TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, the finale of the FedExCup Payoffs, giving him back-to-back tournament victories and the FedExCup.

ING member Greg Wires knows a little something about back-to-back wins as well. He held onto his lead in the final week to capture the Razor Golf Pick Your Pro Contest for the second straight year. Greg, publisher of Golf Minnesota magazine, totaled 6,655,259 points, finishing less than 300,000 points ahead of runner-up Jack O’Leary. Bridgestone Golf’s Dominic Selfa was a close third.

The results will become official on September 26. Please email me prior to then if you spot any addition problems.

Assuming the standings hold up, Wires will win a complete set of clubs from Razor Golf of Florida. The remainder of the top 10 will also receive merchandise from Razor Golf. We will be in touch after the results are official with details on how to collect your prize.

Thanks to Michael Vandiver and George Baker of Razor Golf for their continued support of the PYP contest, and to all participants this year.

And a big thank you to everyone for helping make this year’s PYP such a success!  On a more personal note, I want to thank all of you for everything over the past two years.  Many of you I’ve met in person, and you’ve all made my experience with ING truly unforgettable – ING has some pretty incredible members.  I hope to see you all at Mission Inn for the ING Spring Conference, and if for some reason I’m unable to make it, be nice to the new girl! J

The unofficial final standings are as follows:

Wires, Greg
O’Leary, Jack
Selfa, Dominic
Connelly, Rick
Seely, Fred
Jackson, Joel
Vittner, Bruce
Durland, Larry
Lentz, Bob
McAfee, James
Leodora, Tony
Helens, Reese
Grossi, Bob
Mackay, Vicky
Niehoff, Angie
Dann, Michael
MacKay, Leigh
Gordon, Steve
Dyson, Katharine
Davis, Dan
Stefan, Brian
Vittner, Susan
Oliver, Bob
Kern, Mike
Mears, Andy
Dear, Tony
Lux, Ron
Vittner, Carolyn