If you have watched any LPGA Tour coverage on The Golf Channel this year, you have no doubt noticed the colored golf balls being used by several LPGA Tour stars.

Every week, one of the players using Volvik golf balls is contending on the weekend, gaining valuable airtime for the Volvik brand. You’ll probably see it again this week at the U.S. Open.

There is a reason for that. The golf ball is more than a pretty, colorful marketing tool. It actually performs.

And for that reason, Volvik is the ING Featured Product this week. The International Network of Golf is a media-based networking organization located in Lake Mary, FL.

“If you feel like you’ve been seeing Volvik all over the LPGA Tour coverage, you are not mistaken,” said Volvik USA National Director of Sales and Marketing Jon Claffey. “We have been very fortunate to have our staff players performing extremely well this year with our highly visible golf balls. Every week it seems to be someone different stepping into the limelight.”

The Volvik Crystal is a 3-piece, Surlyn with Zirconium compound-covered golf ball, designed to favor golfers with moderate to slower swing speeds who want the ideal blend of distance, a soft feel and higher than average spin rates.

The Vista iV is a 4-piece golf ball that has a Urethane elastomer with Zirconium Z-I compound cover designed for both power off the tee and added playability with short shots.

Both models come in four colors – yellow, green, orange and pink. It is the premium line of the two, retailing at $47 per dozen. The Crystal comes in at $32 per dozen.


While the ball is prominent on the LPGA Tour, it has also appeared on the men’s pro tours, with Erik Flores playing the Volvik Vista 4-piece on the Web.Com tour. Among the many LPGA Tour stars playing the ball are Pornanong Phatlum, Chella Choi, Jeong Jang and recent tour winner Iihee Lee, who played the yellow Vista 4-piece golf ball to her first victory on the LPGA Tour at the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic.

“The Volvik golf ball has always been very good in the wind,” said Lee after the victory.