One publication and one product will be honored in the ING Conference Best awards program, conducted at the 24th Annual ING Spring Conference June 1-4 at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. The “ING Conference Best” awards will recognize one issue of a publication and one golf product or service among those on display at the ING Spring Conference.The golf publication rules are:

1. Publication SHOULD NOT be judged on size, quality of paper, circulation, or the number of times it is published.

2. Publication SHOULD be judged on

a. How it utilized the available space;

b. Amount of information, entertainment delivered to the reader;

c. Quality of articles, photography, graphics;

d. Creativity of its “departments” or regular features;

e. The attractiveness of the cover;

f.  Overall enjoyment and satisfaction from reading or browsing the publication.

3. Any publication that has a representative registered for the ING Spring Conference and which has published continually for at least one full year prior to the conference is eligible.

4. Publishers should bring ONE issue to enter in the competition.

5. Attendees will have up to four days to study the entries before voting. Winner will be announced the final night of the conference.

The golf product/service rules are:

1. Any product or service, shown at the ING Conference.

2. Company must be in attendance at the ING Spring Conference at a minimum of

Appointment Show level to be eligible.

3. Attendees will study the entries during the One-On-One Appointment Show and/or the

Demo Lab.  Winner will be announced the final night of the conference.


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