ING is putting the FREEZE into summer for its membership.

Price freeze, that is.

If you register for the 2014 ING Spring Conference during the summer months – between now and Sept. 21, 2013, you can do so at the Super Savings rate offered for this past year’s conference at Reunion Resort.

The 24th Annual ING Spring Conference will be conducted at Resorts Casino Hotel June 1-4, 2014. We will have exciting new elements added to the conference schedule, including a planned tie-in with the LPGA Tour’s ShopRite Classic.

To discover the Summer Freeze pricing being offered, visit the Spring Conference menu option and see the entry forms.

Also, as a reminder, you do not need to log-into the new ING website to utilize it. Simply go to the site and begin clicking away. There is no log-in for this site.


Let us know if you have any questions. As always, thanks for your support of ING.